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15" x 20" SENTRY Fold-Over "E" Bag

Product #: 1263S
Quantity Per Unit: 250 Bags
Order Minimum: 1 Unit

Price: $203.58


Customer Deposit Currency Bag - 15" x 20" SENTRY Fold-Over "E" Bag.

Sentry™ Dual Seal Closure

  • Security Closure of choice for large currency shipping bags
  • Wide adhesive provides tamper evident closure on both the inside and outside of the bag – adding durability and security
  • Red adhesive and fracturing flap provide clear visual evidence of tampering
  • Sentry Dual Seal is the choice of the Federal Reserve System

Watch-Guard/Strap Bags

  • Good tamper evidence at lowest cost
  • Primarily used for inner packaging bags – Strap Bags and Drop Safe Bags
  • Clear adhesive provides permanent closure

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