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Loan Coupon Manager



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ProCoup Loan Coupon is a Windows based software platform used to generate your customers loan payment booklets. While very easy to use, ProCoup is loaded with features and benefits. Some of these include:


  • Image Friendly - An imageable "Amount Paid" box will allow image capturing of the actual amount remitted with the coupon.
  • Data Import - ProCoup has an easy-to-use import feature that will allow you to import loan coupon data in just seconds. This feature is extremely useful  for adjustable rate loans or when escrow amounts change.  For additional details please contact a PBF Sales Representative.
  • Monthly Messages - Turn your loan coupon books into marketing tools by using them to cross-sell other services that are available.
  • Multiple Late Charge Codes - Input up to ten late charges. Late charges can be created and tied to several different loan types. Late charges can be calculated on varying payment frequencies to include Monthly, Quarterly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Annual and Semi-Annual.
  • Collating - ProCoup automatically collates the coupons for you. Completing a coupon book takes just minutes.
  • Data Retention - All data input into the system is retained for future use until purged. Did your customer lose their coupon book? No problem. Simply input their loan number and print a new book in minutes.
  • Control - You can control when and how your customers receive their books, not someone else. No longer will you have late payments as a result of your customer not receiving their booklet in time.
  • Mailing Labels - Unique to ProCoup is its ability to generate self-addressed mailing labels for your customer. These labels are self-adhesive and can be inserted at the back of the coupon booklet. We also offer various colors of labels to help identify which department the piece of mail needs to be forwarded to.

For more information please call us at 1.800.237.7977.

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