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Credit Filing Tabs
One of our bank customers stated that the wisest purchase they had made in many years was for an efficient, well-organized credit filing system. Having an organized filing system "had saved loan officers and secretaries hundreds of hours of time", plus their bank examinations were now much easier and the examiners "loved it".

The credit-filing system he was talking about is the one we can offer you. We have over 400 products in stock which are specifically for credit files. These items include all types and colors of file folders; printed index tabs to separate and organize the various types of forms within your loan file folders; labels for file folders; cross-reference cards and check-out cards - in summary, all the supplies you need for a good system.

As "stock items", you can select from 61 different tab captions - either letter or legal size - on Manila (Ivory) card stock. If you prefer color-coded tabs, you may select from 35 different "stock" tabs - printed on either letter or legal size colored card stock.

If you need your own "custom" tabs printed with different captions, tab positions, or tab sizes, we'll make them right here in our plant and ship to you within a few days. Please call or email us your specifications for a price quote on custom tabs.

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Key Benefits

Quick and easy recognition of the particular document(s) your are looking for. Eliminates incorrect filing of pertinent information. Gets bank examiners "in and out" of your hair quicker! Withstands personnel turnover with its consistency and uniformity.

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